Pad Printing Ink Cup 90mm diameter Aluminum Ink Cup

90mm ink cup for various pad printing machines

Product name:90mm ink cup for pad printing machine


Ink cup size:90mm

Ink cup ring size:100*90*12mm

MOQ:1 unit

Ink cups

ink cup with ceramic ring ink cup with carbide ring

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    Cheap Price Aluminum Ink Cup for Pad Printing Machine

    Aluminum ink cup for pad printing machine

    Product name: Ink Cup For Pad Printing Machine

    Model:DX-90H(only ink cup body)

    Material: Aluminum

    Model:90-CSB1(ink cup with ceramic ring)

    Model:90-TSB1(ink cup carbide ring)

    Ink Cup Size:100*90*12mm

    MOQ:1 PCS

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