Automatic medical ampoule screen printing machine

automatic medical ampoule screen printing machine

Product name: Automatic ampoule screen printing machine


Printing color:1 color

Printing speed:3600 pcs/hr


Machine size:L4100*W1120*H1520mm

Application:Laboratory glassware,medical products (Ampoule,lab glass vials,beaker)

Ampoule bottle sample
Ampoule bottle sample
Automatic ampoule bottle screen printing machine

An ampoule screen printing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries for printing information or labeling on glass ampoules. Ampoules are small, sealed vials typically used to store and dispense pharmaceutical liquids or chemicals. The information printed on ampoules may include product names, dosage instructions, expiration dates, lot numbers, and other relevant data.

Here’s how an ampoule screen printing machine works:

  1. Loading: Ampoules are loaded onto a conveyor or feed system, which transports them to the printing station.
  2. Printing: At the printing station, the ampoules pass under a screen printing head or system that applies ink to the surface of the ampoule. Screen printing is a common method for this application because it can provide high-quality and durable printing on small glass surfaces.
  3. Drying: After printing, the ink on the ampoules needs to be dried to prevent smudging and ensure adhesion. Some machines may include a drying station with heat or ultraviolet (UV) lamps for this purpose.
  4. Inspection: Many ampoule screen printing machines are equipped with inspection systems to verify the quality and accuracy of the printing. Any misprints or defects can be identified and rejected at this stage.
  5. Unloading: After passing through the printing and inspection stages, the ampoules are typically collected and moved to the next phase of the production process, such as packaging or filling.

These machines are critical for maintaining accuracy and traceability in pharmaceutical and medical product packaging. They help ensure that important information is clearly and legibly marked on each individual ampoule. Additionally, they can enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing process by automating the printing and inspection tasks.

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