4 color pad printing machine with automatic cleaning device

4 color pad printing machine with automatic cleaning device

Product name:4 color pad printing machine with automatic cleaning device


Ink cup size:90mm

Pad printing plate:100*250mm

Screen touch panel size:7 inches

Automatic cleaning of silicone pads, Panasonic PLC,servo shuttle workbench

4 color pad printing machine with automatic cleaning device

Servo shuttle workbench

The servo shuttle workbench in pad printing machines represents a cutting-edge solution for precise and dynamic printing processes.

This innovative technology incorporates servo-driven mechanisms that enable swift and accurate movements of the workbench.

The result is enhanced printing precision, efficiency, and flexibility. The servo shuttle workbench revolutionizes pad printing by optimizing cycle times and ensuring consistent high-quality prints. Its integration underscores a commitment to advancing printing capabilities, making it an indispensable feature in modern pad printing machinery.

Automatic cleaning device

The integration of automatic cleaning devices in pad printing machines marks a significant advancement in printing technology.

These innovative systems streamline the printing process by efficiently removing residual ink from the pads, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints. The automated cleaning mechanism not only enhances productivity but also minimizes manual intervention, reducing downtime and operational costs.

This technological evolution addresses challenges associated with ink transfer and maintenance in pad printing, offering a more seamless and reliable solution for industries relying on precision printing. The incorporation of automatic cleaning devices showcases a commitment to efficiency and quality in the ever-evolving landscape of pad printing machinery.

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