Pad printing machine DX-SM12S for plastic toy

Plastic toy doll 12 color pad printing machine

Pad printing machine DX-SM12S for plastic toy

Product:toy doll printing machine for sale



Printing color:12 color

Ink scrapping:sealed ink cup

MOQ:1 Unit

Condition:all new

Printing plate size:100*250mm

Ink cup diameter:¢90mm

Printing speed:about 200pcs/hr(12 color)



Power:AC110V or 220V

Packing:wooden case

  • Silicone Pad (also named tampon rubber)
  • Pad printing plate (also named cliche or printing stencil)
  • Ink blade (there are ink blade and ink cup for different ink scrapping system)
  • Fixture (it’s customized according the product shape)
  • Pad printing ink and ink thinner
  • Stationery industry printing
  • Textile printing
  • Medical supplies printing
  • Hardware printing
  • Electronic printing
  • Toys printing
  • Packing printing
  • Glass products printing

Pad printing (also called tampography) is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object (e.g. a ceramic bowl). This is accomplished using an indirect offset (gravure) printing process that involves an image being transferred from the cliché via a silicone pad onto a substrate.

Pad printing is used for printing on otherwise difficult to print on products in many industries including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, and electronic objects, as well as appliances, sports equipment and toys. It can also be used to printing many different kinds children toys.Such as toy plane,toy automotive,toy dolls.As you see,the babie doll toy face is decorated by pad printing as well.

Physical changes within the ink film both on the cliché and on the pad allow it to leave the etched image area in favor of adhering to the pad, and to subsequently release from the pad in favor of adhering to the substrate.

The unique properties of the silicone pad enable it to pick the image up from a flat plane and transfer it to a variety of surfaces, such as flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave, or convex surfaces.

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