Sealed ink cup for pad printing machine

Sealed ink cup for pad printing machine

Sealed ink cup for pad printing machine
Different types ink cup,standard cup diameter-90mm(size can be customized)

standard ink cup ring-100*90*12mm

Sealed ink cup for pad printing machine
ink cup

Ink cup of pad printing

The ink cup is another crucial component in the pad printing process. It plays a significant role in transferring ink from the ink source to the printing pad and, ultimately, onto the target object’s surface. Here’s what you need to know about ink cups in pad printing:


The ink cup serves as a container or reservoir that holds the ink or printing substance. Its primary function is to deliver a consistent and controlled amount of ink to the printing plate, from which the pad picks up the ink for transfer to the substrate.


Ink cups are typically made from materials like ceramic, steel, or plastic. They are designed to be airtight, which helps prevent the ink from drying out and minimizes solvent evaporation. The inside of the ink cup is often lined with a ceramic or doctor blade to meter the ink’s volume.

Sealing System:

To maintain an airtight seal, ink cups feature a sealing system that prevents air from entering and affecting the ink. Common sealing systems include ceramic rings, doctor blades, and magnetic or pneumatic seals.

Doctor Blade:

The doctor blade is a thin, flexible metal or plastic strip that scrapes excess ink off the surface of the ink cup. This helps control the amount of ink that is picked up by the pad, ensuring consistent and accurate printing.

Ink Stirring:

Some ink cups have an integrated stirring system or mechanism to keep the ink well-mixed. This is important for maintaining ink consistency and quality during the printing process.

Cup Size:

The size of the ink cup depends on the specific application and the volume of ink required for printing. Smaller ink cups are used for fine detail work, while larger ones are used for larger graphics and solid fills.

Cup Movement:

In some pad printing machines, the ink cup may be stationary, and the pad moves to pick up the ink. In others, the ink cup moves to the printing plate to deposit ink on the plate, which is then picked up by the pad.

Ink Compatibility:

It’s important to select an ink cup that is compatible with the type of ink you are using, such as solvent-based, water-based, UV-curable, or specialty inks.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of the ink cup are essential to ensure consistent and high-quality printing results. This includes cleaning the cup, doctor blade, and ensuring the sealing system remains effective.

In summary, the ink cup is a critical component in the pad printing process, providing a controlled and consistent supply of ink to the printing plate and pad. Selecting the right type of ink cup, maintaining it properly, and ensuring compatibility with the ink being used are all essential for successful pad printing operations.