Automatic Inflatable PVC ball pad printing machine

Automatic Inflatable PVC ball pad printing machine

Product name:PVC ball pad printing machine


Printing pads:10 pcs

Printing color:5 color different artwork on each half ball

Printing plate size:450*450mm

Max printing ball diameter:10 inches

Feature:CMYK printing

Printing speed:600 pcs for full ball printing

Machine size:1 pc 40HQ containing shipping

1.Silicone pads



4.Pad Printing plate

This automatic PVC ball pad printing machine was firstly researched and manufactured in 2010 by DSTAR company.This is our patented product.We have developed and produced a variety of multi-color printing machine.Such as DX-B8C( 8 pads),DX-B10C 10 pads printing machine.These machines are widely used for Disney,Marvel and some other famous brand IP artwork on the ball.

Brief explanation of CMYK ink colors

  1. Cyan (C): Cyan is a blue-green ink color. It is used to reproduce shades of blue and green in printed materials.
  2. Magenta (M): Magenta is a purplish-red ink color. It is used to reproduce shades of red and purple in printed materials.
  3. Yellow (Y): Yellow is, of course, yellow. It is used to reproduce shades of yellow and orange in printed materials.
  4. Key (K) or Black (K): The “Key” color, often referred to as “Black” (though the K stands for Key), is used to create the black and gray tones in printed materials. It’s also used to add depth and detail to images.
Automatic Inflatable PVC ball pad printing machine

The CMYK color model is based on the subtractive color mixing process, where colors are created by subtracting varying amounts of each of these ink colors from white paper. When combined at different levels of intensity, the CMYK inks can produce a wide range of colors, including most of the colors you see in everyday print materials.

CMYK printing is widely used in the printing industry because it can reproduce a broad spectrum of colors and is suitable for producing high-quality, full-color images. However, it’s essential to note that not all colors can be accurately reproduced in CMYK, especially extremely vibrant or fluorescent colors, which can be challenging to achieve using only these four ink colors. In such cases, additional special inks may be used, or designers may need to make adjustments to ensure color accuracy

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