Pad printer DX-SM8S

pad printing machine with factory price DX-SM8S

Pad printer DX-SM8S

Product:8 color pad printer for sale


Printing color:8 color


Condition:all new

Pad printing plate:10*100*200mm

Ink scraping:open ink well

Sliding shuttle:servo motor

Printing speed:about 200-250 pcs/hr(8 color)


Machine size:L153*W96*H150cm

Packing:wooden case

  • 1.This machine is upgraded with servo motor drive the sliding shuttle work platform.
  • 2.Touch screen with friendly technical data page
  • 3.Silicone pad pick up ink and printing ink vertical stroke(press pressure) is adjustable.
  • 4.Each printing plate can be X.Y.R angle micro adjustment.
  • 5.Silicone pad forward/backward and up/down speed is adjustable.
  • 6.Both manual operate and foot pedal operate mode are available.
  • 7.The machine program can be user defined for printing different color.
  • 8.The program also can be set up to pick up ink twice and print 1 time to print thicker layer ink.
  • 9.There are manual and semi automatic model.Manual mode means every working action need press button.Semi automatic(also named Automatic) means the machine will continuous working.The worker just need manually feed and unloading.
  • Sealed ink cup for ink cup pad printer
  • Pad printing ink
  • Silicone pad
  • Ink blade for open ink well pad printer
  • Printing plate
  • Fixture
  • Stationery industry printing
  • Textile printing
  • Medical supplies printing
  • Hardware printing
  • Electronic printing
  • Toys printing
  • Packing printing
  • Glass products printing
  • Open ink well system

Open ink well systems, the older method of pad printing, used an ink trough for the ink supply, which was located behind the printing plate. A flood bar pushed a pool of ink over the plate, and a doctor blade removes the ink from the plate surface, leaving ink on the etched artwork area ready for the pad to pick up.

  • Sealed ink cup system

Sealed ink cup systems employ a sealed container which acts as the ink supply, flood bar and doctor blade all at the same time. A ceramic ring or tungsten ring with a highly polished working edge provides the seal against the printing plate.