four color pad printer DX-P4S-90

four color automatic pad printer for figure toy

four color pad printer DX-P4S-90


Printing color:4 color

Ink scrapping:sealed ink cup

Printing plate size:10*100*250mm

MOQ:1 Unit

Printing speed:700 times/hr

Air pressure:5-7 bar


Machine size:L100*W77*H135cm

Voltage:AC110V or 220V 

Packing:wooden case

  • Pad printing plate
  • Silicone pad
  • Ink cup
  • Printing ink and ink solvent
  • Toy fixture

Application of pad printing

The application of pad printing is very wide, like the common itmes in our life-glass bottle,keyboard,toys,mouses,pen logo,washing panel,toothbrush handdles and so on,all printed by pad printing.Not just pad printing machine,and screen printing,hot stamping,heat transfer are widely used in plastic,stationery,toy,electronic,hardware,textile,advertisement industry.

Pad printing process

First pour the ink onto the etching plate (we call the printing plate with the pattern the etching plate), and then take away the excess ink by the telescopic scraper, and the remaining ink will stay in the pit of the etching plate, and the glue head will be pressed down to take it out. The ink in the pit is finally pressed to the surface of the product, and the printing is completed.

Pad Printers Work

The graphic content of pad printing needs to be engraved on the steel plate first, generally using laser engraving or etching. The transfer head, which is what we call the rubber head, is made of elastic silicone, and it will be made into different styles and sizes according to different products. The rubber head sticks the ink on the steel plate and transfers it to the product, but the rubber head will be deformed due to extrusion during the transfer printing process, resulting in the deformation of the printed pattern, so the machine needs to be checked before mass printing Stressful debugging.

  • Product size
  • Paximum printing color
  • Printing area size
  • Product material
  • Product pictures

We will recommend the appropriate machine and quote you competitive price after you share the product details and your printing requirements.