temple printing machine DX-M2C

temple printing machine with Servo motor system

temple printing machine DX-M2C

Product name:2 color temple printing machine DX-M2C


Printing color:2 color

Ink scrapping:open ink well

MOQ:1 Unit

H.S code:84431980.00

Standard printing plate size:10*100*200mm

Printing speed:1000 times/hr

Air pressure:5-7 bar

N.W:225 kgs

Machine dimension:L120*W96*H150 cm

Voltage:AC110V or 220V 

Packing:wooden case

  • DX is short name of our company
  • M is one of the pad printer series(MINI,P,S,M,L)
  • 2 mean 2 color
  • C mean conveyor
  • Pad printing plate
  • Silicone pad
  • Pad printing ink and ink solvent
  • Work piece fixture
  • Ink blade(for open ink well system)
  • Sealed ink cup (for ink cup system)
  • Stationery industry printing
  • Textile printing
  • Medical supplies printing
  • Hardware printing
  • Electronic printing
  • Toys printing
  • Packing printing
  • Glass products printing
  • Open ink well systems

Open ink well systems, the older method of pad printing, used an ink trough for the ink supply, which was located behind the printing plate. A flood bar pushed a pool of ink over the plate, and a doctor blade removes the ink from the plate surface, leaving ink on the etched artwork area ready for the pad to pick up.

  • Sealed ink cup systems

Sealed ink cup systems employ a sealed container which acts as the ink supply, flood bar and doctor blade all at the same time. A ceramic ring or tungsten ring with a highly polished working edge provides the seal against the printing plate.

temple printing machine DX-M2C
  • Versatility: Pad printing can be used to print on a wide range of substrates, including flat, curved, and irregular surfaces. This versatility makes it suitable for printing on various materials, such as plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, and more.
  • High Resolution: Pad printing can achieve high-resolution prints with fine details and intricate designs. This makes it suitable for printing logos, graphics, text, and images with precision.
  • Multicolor Printing: Many pad printing machines are capable of multicolor printing by using multiple pads and cliche plates. This allows for the creation of colorful and complex designs.