The next ten years of the video industry

December 21, 2016, Youku’s ten birthday, the same day, Youku launched a new brand identity, from logo to slogan, to the state from the color, from the visual to the connotation of “want to see Youku young mentality, this world is very cool.”

The next ten years of the video industry
Brand new Hwan communication, answer the questions of the gap, Yang Weidong easily put in front of a small table with the letter “YOUKU” in the small model, add potatoes before Yang Weidong made the market for 9 years, most of the time, he would expect, inadvertently show some of the brand demanding. As the brand new Hwan, many of the details in the interior has PK many rounds of youku.
Yang Weidong likes simple and powerful juvenile mentality, just the main consumer culture and entertainment is young people, there are young people who have become Youku in the next 10 years the main. For young people to do the content, Yang Weidong said it is to return to the big entertainment system, through big data insight into the young convergence and content consumption potential, the layout of the next 5-10 years, but once the industrial layout mentality, will not be so anxious, but will accelerate the progress of.

As for the specific operation of the contents of the technique, Yang Weidong mentioned two directions, first, will be more and more upward walk. The stronger the upstream control, the more play, otherwise it is limited, such as a content is just a copyright model what fun? The content does not affect, the actors can’t influence, can not affect the plot, the derivative can not do, you really can do is the star of the show, please do a barrage of comments, line will meet, only this, this is after filming something.” Second, Ali in the product, technology, ecological advantages, means more than play.

Ali system, which was recently appeared in Yang Weidong’s speeches and interviews in one of the most key words, gradually open up the system to bring direct change Youku including digital level: not long ago, Youku announced a number of its members 30 million, of course, there are doubts. Some media commented that this is only the promotion of cooperation with double eleven items, user stickiness questionable. Most of the time in the interview, Yang Weidong is the man leaned back in his chair, but chatted about this topic, he sat up in his chair, “it is sour grapes.”
“The retention rate is very high, and now can not expose this figure, this figure is much higher than we imagine.”

“This is something we can play with other competing products difference means, Tmall, Taobao several million accounts on the Internet is very strong consumption ability, is the category of entertainment products.”

Gradually integrate into the Ali system, so many cool to see. When asked in the past two years, the market share eroded by competitors, how to look at the past, Yang Weidong is not evasive, “overall, we feel that the past two years of development is not good enough, we will do this action, we are more confident, and collaborative Ali ecology of the future.”

He always felt that the Internet culture and entertainment battlefield is a marathon, just ran 10 kilometers, or run 1/3, this is a long run, sometimes I ran to the front, and sometimes I run behind. “This is important, but not decisive, the industry has just started second years, ten years.”

The entire video industry echelon Division has been obvious, Youku potatoes, Iqiyi video, Tencent has become the first echelon, the second echelon with them far, the result is that competition is more concentrated, the whole industry is in a dynamic competitive equilibrium, each platform pressure is heavy, perhaps not heavily built explosion models, but slightly the other two relaxation was immediately pressed, the formation of the situation is, even the competition becomes normalization.

“Do China monopoly in the video industry, it is not possible to be a winner, especially good content for high costs, including the production and procurement, and consumer demand for the content is very diverse, a financial and resources can not digest the contents of this platform competition some of the content segments, some of the platform more features, and more at the platform on a type, this clue, this is the norm of the emergence of competition.”

The following is part of the group’s visit record, interviewed man-made Alibaba cultural entertainment group Youku business group president and CEO Yang Weidong Ali music, culture and entertainment Alibaba group Youku group senior vice president Yang zhen.
Content younger

Reporter: how to keep young in the content?

Yang Zhen: young people is a hotly contested spot, in which there are segments with choice, we have three strategies. Layout type, content brand, independent of broadcast.
The type of layout, we have 3+X, 3 is a beautiful pure love, joy, youth comedy burning snow. X is a super hot play. Here we make some choices, some do not play, even if it is really good; row sowing autonomy can make us more autonomy, before the television or television synchronization allows users to watch the content to love, a lot of variety show membership can be 4 hours ahead of the first, the 4 hours will surge in the young people are willing to pay.

Yang Weidong: for young people to return to the Big Ali entertainment content, to convergence and potential through big data insight into the content of consumption of young people. Great entertainment, we still want to do 5 to 10 years of business, once there is a state of mind when the industry, the layout is not so anxious, there is patience, patience is not slow but fast.